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GoMovies is a very similar site to 123movies, mainly because it came from it. That's right the original 123movies changed to GoMovies after having some domain and server issues. It offers the ability to watch free movies and TV shows online from any browser, making it a very popular for streaming.

Visit GoMovies and you'll be able to watch almost any movie or TV series online in HD for free. Registration isn't necessary on GoMovies bu it does unlock some features and changes the UI a bit.

The official GoMovies is at GoMovies.trade. Any other version is a clone and we cannot guarantee it's safety, library or speeds. When you first arrive on the home page you will have the option to search for any movie or TV series you can think of. If you're interested in browsing you can visit the old version of GoMovies, which essentially has a collection of the most popular and important content for you to watch, or you can browse movies or TV shows with various sorting options.

We urge you to give GoMovies a try and if you don't like it, come back and try out Showbox and the many other options we have to offer